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how to change gas suppliers in the UK

How to change Gas suppliers in the UK

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How to change Gas suppliers in the UK

The cost of domestic energy has been ramped up several times within the last 12 months, giving a rise in energy bills of about 60% for many homes. The majority of households in the UK could make considerable savings on gas than their area supplier rates by initiating a switch of supply.

Why not also consider changing other services, as well?


Combine Gas & electricity bills with the same company & you can make even more savings. Some companies even offer to package deals with telephone and mobile phone services to offer huge combined savings.
It is easy to change energy suppliers and only take a few minutes of your time online. 


Moving to a new energy supplier is not at all risky, as most suppliers are large organizations and National Plc’s who you can trust, and all of them are regulated to ensure a high standard of service.

When changing your gas suppliers, there will be no interruption to your supply. The same wires, pipes, and meters currently used will be used by a new supplier. The new supplier will also contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer of your supply. The only change you will notice is that your bill will come from a different supplier, and your energy bills will be smaller.
The process of switching energy suppliers is easy, and there are many price comparison services online that can help you find the cheapest supplier for your area. Once you have decided on your new supplier, the transition is quick and straightforward by following the steps below.

Fill in your details online and sign up for the services required

(these pages are secure), and this takes around five minutes. These details are then processed and forwarded to the supplier.
The supplier will contact you to confirm the date on which your new service will commence. You will also be asked to sign an acceptance to switch suppliers. This is a legal requirement in the UK, and you have a “cooling-off period” of 14 days to complete this; if you do not sign it, the switch will not go ahead. You will also be asked to take a meter reading, which will be used to tie up your old account.
This whole process takes approximately 28 days from start to finish.